Motoring Lawyer Benefits

Why Use a Motoring Lawyer?

All solicitors are the same right? So why do you need to find a specialist motoring lawyer to deal with your motoring offences?

For the same reason that you wouldn’t have a blacksmith service your car, or for that matter ask your local BMW dealership to shoe your horse. Different lawyers have different specialities, and many general practice solicitors cover a wide range of law without having the level of specialty that is often required for todays modern motoring laws.

Your local GP knows a lot about general medical ailments and illnesses, but when you need an operation on your knee, heart, eyes, hips etc. you are referred to an expert who just deals with that issue day in day out. It’s the same with law, which has become so complex that it’s no longer practical to be a leading specialist in it all.

Motor Law

In the past 20 years or so, cameras and ‘remote’ prosecutions have taken over from police stopping drivers at the roadside as the main trigger for prosecutions. This has had a fundamental affect on the legal process, with more laws to cover camera use, equipment specification, calibration, training, qualification etc. all being necessary to secure a conviction.

Also, there are several options to legitimately argue for a magistrate not to impose penalty points against you, by using a ‘special reasons argument‘ or and ‘exceptional hardship argument‘ which allow the court to defer the recommended penalty against you.

These are complex arguments and presenting one successfully takes practice and an in depth understanding of the complete process. If your solicitor doesn’t present these arguments on a daily basis then he just won’t have the experience to win your case for you.

Experienced Motoring Law Solicitors Patterson Law – have used these defences hundreds of times, across courts in the UK, giving them the knowledge of what works best in which circumstances, and giving you the best opportunity to keep your driving licence and avoid a ban.

Don’t take a chance with your driving licence, choose a motoring lawyer with a track record of success and your chances of avoiding disqualification will be greatly enhanced.

4 thoughts on “Motoring Lawyer Benefits

  1. Do I really need an expensive lawyer if I need to use a special reasons argument? Can’t I save the cash and do it myself?

  2. I defended myself, thinking i was saving some cash, but received a big fine and points at the top end of the range for failing to report. In hindsight I think I did it wrong and would have got a better result with professional representation.

  3. I was facing 15 points and already had 9 on my licence. Thought I was a goner, but used a motoring lawyer who provided a Barrister on the day of the court case. They presents a special reasons argument for me and I got to keep my licence and my job. Need to avoid getting caught again, but still in the game! Worth every penny.

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