Secrets Of No. 1 Google SERPs

Secrets Of No. 1 Google SERPs

Google has made large inroads in recent years into making it much harder to manipulate their SERPs listings (Search Engine Ranking Positions).

Instead of trying to game their systems, you need to produce what Google wants to see if you are going to show up well in their results.

Old style “spam” SEO will see you removed from Googles listings.

Spam SEO

Poor quality search engine optimization includes links from non Google friendly link neighbourhoods, link farms (unknown ones will probably ruin your search engine rankings in the long run), keyword density (on-page), and link text ratios used in back-links.

Google has automated filters that will not permit your website to appear well if you use these practices as part of your marketing strategy.

Your SERPs (search engine position rankings) are determined by the levels of authority, quality and trust that your site transmits to Google.

Google puts its faith in certain social media sharing signs because manipulating viral sharing isn’t very easy to do. There is safety in a crowd, and if lots of people like your content, Google will too.

Your products and services are assessed via the quality customer reviews for your Brand on the net.

The perceived value of your Brand is connected to your Google rankings.

Google uses a blend of user behaviour, quality and relevance and trust to rank you for suitable search terms.

Search used to be about backlink strength indicators. To a certain extent, it still is, but backlinks are now just one important part of the whole process.

To rank well in Google¬†it’s critical to avoid providing negative signals that will be used against you by Google for your search rankings. A comprehensive website audit to highlight the good and bad elements of your SEO from DeehoSEO search engine optimisation experts¬†will highlight the most important areas of your SEO that need attention if you are to move up the rankings.

Google wishes to display the most suitable website for each single search, giving a search result that:

  • Loads quickly
  • Has unique content
  • Has good user engagement metrics
  • Links to authority resources
  • Is on a friendly IP
  • Is unconnected to bad neighbourhoods
  • Has a natural, link profile from trusted, related, themed resources
  • Has Brand value

Your website will get ranked on the front page of Google if you comply with the prerequisites above while simultaneously avoiding triggering any of Google’s low quality filtering metrics.

No.1 Google results can be yours if you provide high quality ranking indicators, however you also need to be certain you avoid the bad quality web content filters that Google use to demote unworthy websites.

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  1. Good links from good links from good links….. that’s what makes your page powerful, relevant and Google friendly. Authority is needed and that comes from other websites.

  2. SEO is so confusing these days, and there are so many ways to anger the Google gods by doing stuff wrong. Just focus on getting some highly relevant links on category specific pages from Google friendly websites and you won’t go far wrong. Just don’t overdo your exact match anchor text.

  3. There are three important linking factors from what I can determine; relevant link content, a relevant link page category and a good trust flow score. If you get these three right, then you are on the right track.

  4. Where can I get some really good, easy links from? It’s all well and good telling me I need good links, but where can I get them??

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