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Apprenticeships & On The Job Training

With many university degree courses losing their ability to increase earning potential, apprenticeships are seeing a massive resurgence in popularity.

Over the last 2 decades, the value and power of all but the most prestigious degrees have lost their ability to leverage salaries. Prior to this, almost any degree qualification would give you more potential to earn more across your working lifetime.

With more and more colleges becoming “universities” and in conjunction with more lower quality degree courses being offered, only top quality degrees from the top universities now provide the same benefit.

This is having a major affect on university leavers, many of which are unable to even use their degree to find employment.

Current university students are typically leaving university with debts of over £40,000 but no natural increase in earning power to be able to repay that debt.

To a certain extent, this was always going to be the case, but the extent to which degrees have been devalued has come as a massive shock for many.

Medical & engineering degrees from the top universities are the only ones which still carry the prestige of old, making a modern degree much more of a lottery then it used to be.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

For many school leavers it is become increasingly advantageous to forgo 3 or 4 years at university in preference to earning and learning at the same time.

Not only will you not run up significant debts while gaining a qualification, but you will be earning a living, building up a working record and history and gaining valuable on the job experience.

Apprenticeships typically last 2 – 5 years, and consist of one day a week at college, working towards a highly relevant qualification which is typically an HNC or HND, and 4 days per week working for a company.

Apprentices have many advantages once they are qualified as their skills are easily transferable to other companies and indeed industries.

There are thousands of companies that provide apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities including leading provider of traineeship and apprenticeship courses, and there is more choice for school leavers than ever before.

With the percentage of NEETS currently on the rise, on the job training offers a practical alternative to returning to the classroom environment that is unsuitable for many of our less academic youngsters.


49 thoughts on “Training and Apprenticeships

  1. Who needs to accumulate huge debts when their degree won’t boost their earnings. It makes far more sense to get a qualification while earning money too.

  2. Never give up learning and adding to your qualifications and skills. All qualifications show an ability to learn and absorb information, but some are indeed more important than others.

    1. It’s never been more important for the next generation to choose their further education options wisely. A low quality degree is increasingly becoming a worthless piece of paper.

  3. There has been a massive resurgence in on the job, practical training in recent years, with the growth in University degrees actually benefiting traineeships and work experience positions.

    1. It’s faster for trainees to learn everything they need to know on the job, especially the practicalities of safety in the workplace.

        1. Getting real world on the job experience is missing from modern degrees, leaving graduates at a disadvantage, with a head full of theory and no way of implementing it.

    2. There both help each other and the main benefit is that more of our youngsters are staying in education for longer, learning more and giving themselves better earning power in later life.

      1. Part of the governments strategy for keeping unemployment figures down is to keep youngsters in education for longer. In theory they will be improving their employment opportunities by gaining qualifications, but only if those qualifications are good quality.

  4. There has been massive growth in college day release learning programs and many colleges are struggling to keep up with the increase in demand and more and more students shun university.

    1. It’s only going to continue as well. Universities have managed to make a degree almost worthless while charging £40K for it!! Economic genius

  5. Lower quality universities are going to start to struggle to attract students as soon as people start to realise how little their second rate degrees will earn them.

  6. There is an argument that as long as our young are continuing their education, progress is being made. Its the ones who still slip through the cracks and miss out that we need to reach out and help the most.

    1. It’s my belief that apprenticeships allow those who can’t get into Uni for whatever reason, cost or qualifications to still advance and make the most of their opportunities

  7. Our daughter has just completed a customer services apprenticeship and is now full time with the company she trained with. Our son is just about to start a plumbing apprenticeship. We are huge fans and our family has benefitted hugely and our kids don’t have massive ongoing debts to worry about.

  8. All training is beneficial, ongoing personal improvement and adding to your skill set will not only increase your earning potential, but may one day save a life.

  9. Some training gives life changing skills that will either save your life or that of someone near you. Never stop learning.

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